Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Gotta Look Up

So I leave tomorrow for my rural home stay in Kapchorwa for 10 days. It should be great, awkward at times, new, confusing, and I'm sure I'll come back with lots of memories.

As I walked alone on the path to school today I realized how beautiful this place is. That might sound dumb, but I seriously forget to look at the world around me. Usually I'm too busy looking at my feet to make sure I don't fall into mud pits that are scattered along the paths after morning downpours. There are days that my feet feel about 10 pounds heavier because of the massive amounts of mud caked on my sandals. Guess it's like natural ankle weights, haha. Anyways as I continued to walk I realized that my walking routine translates over into how I live my life. It's easy to get caught up in our own little worlds, only looking at ourselves. I forget to look up and out and to see the world and people around me. I miss chances to build relationships and opportunities that God can use because I'm too concerned with my own life and worries-the mud pits along the path.

Once that thought hit me I looked up the rest of the walk to school. There are so many people I cross paths with and I have to believe they're not by chance. Every encounter is an opportunity to let that person they know matter and that they're acknowledged. Even if it's just smiling and saying hello, you never know how God can use it. I know my spirits are lifted when someone takes the time to say hi to me as I walk through town. It's nice to be met with a smile instead of the usual blank stare, laughs, critical looks, or being ignored. That's just something that hit me this morning.

Oh our one remaining cat decided to decorate my brother Brian's bed again, haha. He was so mad and while I felt bad, I had to laugh. That cat has it out for my brother but that cat better be careful because Brian's now threatening to toss it to the dogs...that will eat it.

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