Monday, February 9, 2009


The weather has been so beautiful lately and I'm taking advantage of it. One of my favorite things to do is go down to the Riverwalk. During these winter months I feel kinda stir-crazy and something within me aches to go there. It's like my getaway and I have days where I long to just be silent and to be alone. It's how I recharge. I think I could sit out by the river all day.

I found out today that Sydney's grandpa died. Sydney is a little girl I watch at the daycare and I've really grown to love her. Her smile radiates from her face and I love the times when she sings and dances around the room. She doesn't care who's watching, she's just herself. My heart hurts so much for her. She may only be 2 1/2 and may not understand what has happened, but she will notice that her grandpa is not around and may watch in confusion as her family cries. Sydney loved her grandpa so much. On many occasions I've caught Sydney using an old boom-box microphone as a telephone and she would pretend to be talking to her grandpa on it.

Life on earth is broken and my heart aches that Sydney will not get to grow up with her grandpa around. She will not remember the sound of his voice and most likely won't remember many of the times she spent with him. She'll get to know him through photos and stories and memories that people share. She'll get to hear about how amazing he was and about how much he loved God. I'm so thankful for that.