Monday, November 24, 2008

In My Life be Lifted High

Some things in life are just plain tough. My friend's dad died of cancer, my dad's business went under, my grandpa is in the hospital but even through all that I know God is good. Life is messy and things get hard. Death, struggles, and suffering are a part of our world. God never intended it to be that way, we live in a broken place. But despite all those things, God's love, faithfulness, compassion, and mercy never fail.

I went to a funeral for my friend's dad this week. It was the most amazing thing I have experienced in such a long time. While there was deep sadness, life was celebrated. It wasn't really a funeral at all, but a celebration of life and God's love. His presence was tangible. Even though people I love had to lose their father, God worked in the situation to touch lives. Even in death, the promise of eternal life and the beginning of eternity with Him was felt. It was a foretaste of heaven.

The life that my friend's dad lived was an encouragement to me and a challenge to trust and live for God in a deeper way. I honestly feel like God used that funeral to prepare me for what would occur just a day later. Stuff in my own life is getting complicated. More people I love hurt and are suffering. I can't fix it and that kills me, but I'm learning to trust God. Laying those burdens before Him not knowing what is to come, but choosing to trust and to rest in His assurance.

Life is fragile and messed up. God never changes so it's all good.