Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Happenings

So yesterday I was walking the short-cut to my house which consists of walking on really muddy paths past a bunch of little houses. Whenever I get to a certain point there are these little girls that sound the "mzungu alarm" as I like to call it. One shouts "Mzungu, mzungu!" and before you know it there are like 10 kids running at you. So they all smashed into me and were pulling on my arms, my back pack, pretty much any part of me they could reach even if it an area I didn't want touched, haha. They almost pulled me to the ground as I tried to walk. When I finally walked onto my front yard they all just stared at me smiling and they speak maybe like 5 words of English if that. If I did something they copied me so I got some free entertainment. I spun them around like airplanes once each and then said I needed to go inside. Then came the hugs. I'm pretty sure I hugged each of them at least 5 times, no joke. Every time I took a few steps toward my house they'd follow me wanting more hugs. They're hungry for love and I'm more than happy to give it even if it means that saying "see you later" takes 10 minutes. We ended the night with high fives and they finally went home. :)

My brother Simon is home from boarding school for a few days. It's been nice actually getting to know him a little. I totally thought he was about 17, but he turns 15 next month. I watched the Amazing Race with him last night and when the contestants had to white water raft he said, "That makes me fear for my life." haha

I found American style peanut butter at the City Shopper Super Market. It's over $4 a jar, but so worth it. I'm pretty sure I've eaten it everyday this week. But I need to lay off or I'll gain lots of weight and go broke.

I haven't really seen myself in a mirror in about a month, unless you count my pocket-sized mirror that shows you like one eye at a time. I never really know what I look like, which is kinda nice b/c if I look bad I can just stock it up to the fact that I can't see myself. Plus I can never tell by the reactions of the other Ugandan students if I look weird or not b/c they stare all the time, haha. So the other day my parents' bedroom door was open (this door usually remains shut and locked). I happened to glance up as I walked by and saw a full length mirror in the farthest corner of the room. I looked around real fast and the coast was clear so I made a made dash into the room, looked at myself for like 2 seconds, and then ran for my life. It was a little rush and I felt like I got away with something naughty, so that was fun. haha, I know my life is lame.

When I got to Uganda our family had 2 cats. One got killed by our guard dogs. I guess they wanted a life-like toy. Luckily I didn't see it happen. Our second cat which is a tiny kitten decided to decorate my brother's bed. Brian walked into my room the other night with a sad look on his face and he looked at me and said, "The cat pooped on my bed. That cat is not my friend." hahaha, any time that cat comes into the house it has to watch out for Brian b/c he will promptly remove it and throw it outside. The cats aren't doing so well at the Mukwanya household.

Ok that's enough for now. Gotta actually read a book for my homework and then head for another weekend in Jinja.

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Tim Hopewell said...

Hilarious! You're turning into a real rebel.