Sunday, October 18, 2009

So this past weekend was just what I needed. I got to sleep in until 8 am, which is awesome. Denise and I decided to head to the market to check things out and we bought fresh vegetables. I can't tell you how exciting that is but it was great. We bought huge avocados, onions, green peppers, and carrots. From the market we hit up the super market then headed to our friends Rachel and Christina's house to buy African fabric. Their brother took us into town to a seamstress who let us design our dresses and then she measured us. So in about a week or so I should have a new dress...I just hope it fits. Before we headed home we stopped for Rolex's (a chapati, which is like a tortilla/flatbread, filled with egg and vegetables) and rented a movie. (I'm pretty sure we walked over 5 miles back and forth through Mukono town) Once we were home we watched our movie (Ladder 49) and just relaxed...and then decided to head back into town again for drinks from the gas station and another movie. Nothing like hiking through the village for some apple juice and a candy bar.

The vegetable moment had to be documented.

As we were heading home it was starting to get dark and there are no street lights in Mukono. So when it's dark, it's dark except for the occasional light from the headlights of random cars and boda bodas. I literally stared at my feet the entire way home and I know we looked hilarious b/c our depth perception in the dark is horrible when trying to figure out if the dirt road slopes off or not. So you have two mzungu girls wobbling on the side of the road half way hunched over b/c we couldn't see the road. We finally made it home and nobody got hurt. That's a victory in my mind.

The power went off for a little while that night and I'm not gonna lie, I was scared. The power going off is a normal occurrence and you never know how long it will be out so you got get your flashlights and light the kerosene lamps. But that night it was especially scary b/c 1. it was absolutely pitch black 2. you usually know it's going out b/c lights start to dim or flicker, but this time they didn't 3. the wind was howling outside and it was causing old wooden doors to swing back and forth like in scary movies, haha. I have to admit though, I like when the power goes out b/c it's seems like those are the times I have the best conversations with my family.

Denise and Brian

Well this is long enough and I have a midterm to write. My time here in Uganda reached the halfway point today. This Friday I head out for my rural home stay in Kapchorwa (near the Eastern border). I'm excited and nervous, but it will be interesting.

My sister Judith and me

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kate.lynn. said...

good to hear you're having a good time. & just so you know, I would be terrified if the lights went out ;) miss&love you!