Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

*I can now catch a taxi, ride it to Kampala, and I know how to make it stop, haha. (you either yell "conductor" or tap the inside of the taxi)

*Taxis are nuts- the taxi I took yesterday hit 2 other taxis and didn't even stop.

*Getting lost walking around Kampala isn't a big deal and doesn't scare me anymore.

*I now say "mmmmm" (the Ugandan way) for yes instead of "mhmmm"

*Elderly Ugandans always make me smile

*Ugandan women are beautiful no matter what their age. They do so much, work so hard, and do what they can for their families- I have a lot of respect for them.

*I'm learning to embrace my "mzungu"(white person) title, but I still like to shout "Oleyotia, moodu gavu!"(Hello, black man) back at the boda boda drivers that call me mzungu- don't worry, they laugh.

*It feels weird to wear jeans b/c it actually shows that I have 2 legs....starting to really enjoy skirts.

*There are nominal Christians wherever you go.

*There are so many more Muslims in Ugandan that I ever thought. Sometimes I can hear the mosque's call to prayer from my house.

*I can now cross the busy main roads w/o running and screaming every time. It's like a real-life game of Frogger.

*When I hear the word "toilet" I automatically think of a squatty potty.

*I get really excited when I hear American songs on the radio even if they're old songs from the '80s and '90s that I never liked before.

*I look forward to eating my mom's matooke for dinner. My favorite soup to put on top is cowpea soup....they are like peas

*I miss working out. Once when I was doing sit-ups on my bedroom floor my mom walked in and said, "Eghhhh Kristen, you want to kill yourself?" haha

*Cups are a necessity for washing hair when bucket bathing.

*It sometimes feels weird to see other "mzungus" in town, especially in Mukono.

*When I eat "American" style food now, it really messes me up. Adjusting back home will sure be an adventure, haha.

*I wish the U.S. had Fanta Passion (passion fruit soda). It's my fave.

*I'm starting to like Top Up (runny ketchup wannabe) over Heinz.

*Even babies over here can bust a move- they've completely got me beat.


Melissa said...

Kristen, this is a fabulous list of thoughts. Look at all these great things you've been "learning"! Ah, that's what I like to see ;)

Love you.

Tim Hopewell said...

As long as you didn't really mean "cow pee" soup...

Katie Seger said...

HAHAHA Kristen you never cease to make me laugh