Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bay shores and Ocean Floors

Bay Shores: Thought I'd take a homework break and write a post. So this past weekend was great. I went on a road trip with my roommate Tiffany to Michigan (I had never been to MI before). We traveled over 500 miles and made it to Traverse City and back. We were able to stay at Tiffany's house, go to Lake Ann camp, visit Traverse City, and visit John Vermilya in Buckley. It was wonderful, but sadly the trip had to come to an end and we had to come back and be responsible students, haha.

Ocean floors: Today during my discipleship time with Debbie we talked about forgiveness vs. bitterness. As I sat there I prayed that God would bring things to mind that I needed to forgive. But goodness, I never realized how reluctant I am to forgive certain things. I was shocked by my own resistance. Inwardly parts of me were saying, "Why forgive? They hurt me and what they did was wrong. Why should they got off for free?"

My thinking was so wrong and I was reminded that justice belongs to God and that I needed to point the finger at myself. I've messed up more times than I'd ever like to count and God has granted me forgiveness. Do I deserve that forgiveness? No. But that's not the kind of Savior we have. It hurts Him when we sin and He allows us to humbley approach Him in all our filth and shame and seek His pardon. Wow. God is patient, slow to anger, filled with joy and love. He is compassionate, gentle, full of grace and mercy, and is forgiving.

I need to forgive as my Father has forgiven me. Forgiveness is a choice. Yeah, it may hurt and it will be hard, but once I deside to forgive that's when God can begin to heal the wounds and battle scars.

"My misdeeds
All my greed
All the things that haunt me now
They’re not a pretty sight to see
But they're wiped away
By a mighty, mighty wave
A mighty, mighty wave

Your sins are erased
And they are no more
They’re out on the ocean floor"
-Audio Adrenaline

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Tiff said...

Kdawg! I <3 U! Thanks for goin w/ me this past weekend! i loved it! =o]