Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Actively Waiting

Actively waiting....not words that I often put together, but I should. I know I wrote in my last post that I'm not sure where I'll be after I graduate, and that still hasn't changed. It seems I need daily reminders to just wait on His timing.

Yesterday I went to the prayer chapel to just sit, pray, and listen. As I prayed I told God how much I desire to know the next step- I wanted to know where He is taking me. After sitting in silence for several minutes I have to admit that I started to grow frustrated and upset. Why wasn't He talking? Then a humbling realization hit me- who am I to put parameters on God and to tell Him that me needs to answer me right away? Who am I to tell God what to do and to tell Him the timeline in which He should do it?

As I continued to sit and pray for God to forgive me for my attitude, He did direct my attention back to a conversation I had with someone last week. The conversation was about actively waiting. While I may not know what life after May 1st will hold, I can actively and obediently wait. Actively waiting requires that I continue to serve, to love, to pray, to worship, to obey, and that I continue to seek to know God more.

He already knows all the answers and outcomes. He knows my heart- better than I could ever understand it myself. I have to trust that He is a good God and that HE KNOWS what's best. I need to stop being a control freak and let go of the reins.

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